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Swedish Massage

Best Swedish Massage Services in Merrylands, Parramatta

Blue Elephant massage therapists in Parramatta, Sydney provides a classic massage that will make you feel in haven. It is perfect gift for those who enjoy me-time.

As the best know type of bodywork performed today, Swedish massage in Merrylands primary goal is to relax the entire body. In this massage the therapist rubes the muscles with gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

Therapists in Sydney for Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is generally slow and gentle and also depends on the therapist’s style as what he or she is trying to achieve. There’s another form of Swedish massage in Merrylands that is deep tissue massage in which the therapists give more pressure to relief the pain.

Our aim is to make you feel completely relaxed during your massage experience.

We offer a completely customized experience as you can consult your therapists on which areas you would like to work. 

Swedish Massage
  • 30min - $40
  • 45min - $50
  • 60min - $60
  • 90min - $95